What we do for homeowners

More and more people are setting up their own businesses and working from home. At the same time, there is a growing awareness more generally that many homeowners are accumulating confidential and sensitive documents that will eventually need to be disposed of.

Quite simply: we want to make our service to your home as comprehensive as you need!

Q: We have confidential information that is all mixed up with other documents and will be a challenge to our little shredder, so what could Citrus offer me?
A: Citrus has two solutions!

Firstly, we can arrange delivery of the appropriate number of our robust, re-usable 45 & 60cm 10 kilo sacks that you can simply fill at your leisure and arrange for us to collect when you are ready.

Secondly, our Mountains into Molehills – Household Confidential service offers you a secure, attractively designed panier (340mm x 400mm x 235mm) that comes in three colours (mid-blue, mint green and citrus yellow) and can be discreetly stored out of sight.

We will make a collection of the panier once every four months and will securely dispose of the content each and every time.

For larger clearances our customers rate using 240 litre bins (same unit as Council provides for domestic waste / recycling) These wheeled bins are hugely popular so convenient and easy to fill.

Your confidential paperwork will be shredded within 48 hours of collection and once shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Q: Another company has told me to take out staples, clips and coloured paper, Can you help?
A: Yes, Citrus accepts cardboard divides, files, folders, staples or clips that are then removed and separated by us for 100% recycling in our data shredding facility.

Q: How will I know when you are coming?
A: We will agree with you a specific date and time slot, as Citrus understands that your time is important and waiting around for hours for a collection can be really annoying!
Our driver phones when 10 minutes away to have sacks ready & waiting if you prefer the driver to collect from a distance- often the porch or garage.

When our security-vetted operative arrives, he or she will collect from anywhere you ask and will provide you with a detailed legally binding consignment receipt and Duty of Care service promise. This provides you with an extra level of security and complete peace of mind.

Q: I always look to minimise the impact on the environment of what I do. What happens to the shredded paper?
A: We totally understand. Your confidential paperwork will be shredded within 48 hours of collection and once shredded you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. The shredded documents are then baled and collected for transportation to a local paper mill for complete processing and recycling.

Q: How can I pay for your service?
A: You can pay via Paypal as you order, or BACS or with a cheque. Citrus provide all customers a detailed invoice, which is payable within 30 days.