This FAQ page is a list of our most frequently asked questions.
We think it combines information and navigational features that you may find useful to help you use our website and make decisions about the products or services you require.

Q: What additional measures have Citrus taken as a result of Covid 19?
A: Be assured that we are adhering to social distancing measures during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to keep both our clients and staff safe and healthy. Additional Protective clothing is worn by all our operatives.

Q: Who are Citrus customers?
A: A wide range of Public offices, commercial businesses, non profitable organisations home workers & private residents.

Q: What can we give Citrus to shred?
A: All confidential documents received are safely shredded and recycled. Citrus also securely destroys photographs, drawings, bank cards, passports and discs, using our advanced, eco-efficient specialist data shredding machinery.
We can collect archive boxes, or arrange delivery of the appropriate number of our robust, re-usable 450x600mm 12 kilo sacks that you can simply fill at your leisure and arrange for us to collect when you are ready.

Q: How do Citrus charge for the service?
A: The e-commerce page of our website includes prices for all options. If you have require regular shredding service, or have a lot of confidential information to clear, please phone our experienced team on 07769 698833 for solutions.

Q: How secure is Citrus?
A: All our staff, including the directors are regularly CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) security checked and carry ID. Our vehicles are locked at all times and their collections are monitored.
Our whole operation is appropriately monitored with live cameras, which record the unloading of vehicles and the operation of the shredding machines, to provide our customers with the total confidence for their complete peace of mind.

Q: What are Citrus credentials?
A: Citrus are Licensed Waste Carrier’s, & the business is fully accredited to ISO 27001 Security Techniques & Information Security Management & is regularly audited by ISO assessors. Our personal information handling policy and procedures have been developed in line with the requirements of the 1995 European Union Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) and the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as well as applicable national law

Q: We work from home, & have confidential information that is all mixed up with other documents and will be a challenge to our little shredder, so what could Citrus offer me?
A: Mountains into Molehills – Household Confidential service offers you a secure, attractively designed panier (340x400x235mm) that comes in three colours (mid-blue, mint green and citrus yellow) and can be discreetly stored out of sight. We will make a collection of the panier once every four months and will securely dispose of the content each and every time.

Q: How does Citrus manage different sizes of document collections from offices, warehouses and lofts?
A: At Citrus, we have over 20 years’ specialist experience and so can provide a wide range of solutions to cover all circumstances.
From the provision of strong secure sacks that can be filled and collected on request, to a variety of sizes of confidential paper bins and attractive cabinets that can be included on a regular collection schedule. Whatever your needs, contact us today as we would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and work out the right solution for you!

Q: Another company has told me to take out staples, clips and coloured paper, Can you help?
A: Yes, Citrus accepts cardboard divides, files, folders, staples or clips that are then removed and separated by us for 100% recycling in our data shredding facility.

Q: Why should businesses clear client records that are old and out of date?
A: It’s both good practice and it might help you avoid a hefty fine. The General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) 2018 Act criminalises the unnecessary storage of outdated confidential personal information. If convicted, a company could face penalty fines of up to 10,000,000 Euros or 2% of sales. By using Citrus, you can ensure you protect your clients’ data AND stay within the regulations of GDPR.

Q: Can Citrus visit my premises & quote for service?
A: So that Citrus can deliver the best bespoke service possible for your company, company director, Jules Shorrock will be happy to meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation.

Q: How will I know when you are coming?
A: We will agree with you a specific date and time slot, as Citrus understands that your time is important and waiting around for hours for a collection can be really annoying!
Our driver phones when 10 minutes away to have sacks ready & waiting if you prefer the driver to collect from a distance- often the porch or garage

Q: Does the person who collects from us leave us a receipt?
A: When our security-vetted operative arrives, he or she will collect from anywhere you ask and will provide you with a detailed legally binding consignment receipt and Duty of Care service promise. This provides you with an extra level of security and complete peace of mind.

Q: Will Citrus send a Certificate?
A: Once shredded and disposed of, the owners of confidential items receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that this is the case.

Q: How can I pay Citrus?
A: Inadvance of service to benefit from discounts, you can payOnline, with our Secure Card / Paypal facility. Citrus provide a paid invoice when service completed. Alternatively, Citrus can provide businesses with an invoice when service is complete. Our invoice includes BACS payment details, giving 14 days credit.

Q: Environmental credentials are an important part of our identity. What happens to the shredded paper?
A: We totally understand. Your confidential paperwork will be shredded within 48 hours of collection and once shredded you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. The shredded documents are then baled and collected for transportation to a paper mill for complete processing and recycling.

Q: We don’t have a huge amount of waste, but day to day post builds up to a box full every few months.  Due to it being financial records, it does require shredding and disposing of correctly.  What services do you provide for small businesses that just required a small amount of shredding and disposal every few months?
We can provide an attractive panier type bin, & collect contents for shredding 4 times per annum, on schedule or request for £95.00 +VAT, renewing after 4 services. This offer includes service & all documentation, that exceeds Data Protection guidance.
Alternatively we can provide 5 standard sacks, collecting & shredding up to 5 for £45.00 + VAT on an ad hoc basis.
We can deliver a couple of large sacks, collecting both & shredding contents, with all Certification for £25.00 + VAT.