Restrictions Easing After Lockdown

Things have been pretty full-on throughout lockdown for us here at Citrus Security Shredding.

We have been kept very busy collecting confidential waste from such establishments as care homes, council offices, medical establishments and other key worker organisations and businesses.

Throughout this period, we have been learning about and applying control measures to the way we collect your waste to ensure that we keep your staff (and ours) safe as well as clients and service-users.

Now, as the country moves into the next phase; businesses have reopened, people are being encouraged to dine out, the world is trying to get back to normal (whilst remaining safe), we have introduced a number of key mitigation procedures to make sure that we can continue to operate in a way that minimises any risk in the way we handle your waste and offers you complete confidence to use our products and services.

One of these measures is that we now provide sacks with numbered tags for any staff who are still working from home and are producing/storing work related confidential waste. Citrus records and IDs these tags as filled sacks are collected, security shredding the data and recycling the shredded papers. This good practice still safeguards your business from information fraud and gives homeworkers peace of mind.

Get in touch if you have staff working from home and would like to enquire about our services, advice or guidance.

Citrus safety measures during COVID-19 lockdown

Things are all go here at Citrus Security Shredding.

We are still making collections… from doctors surgeries and social service teams around Suffolk and we have also found that many people who are stuck at home and sorting out those jobs that they have been trying to get done for years (including clearing out old paperwork and filing) are looking to have this information safely and securely disposed of.

To reassure you that we are adhering to social distancing measures during the Coronavirus pandemic in order to keep both our clients and staff safe and healthy, we thought we’d share this quick video message from our director Jules about the extra safety measures that we are undertaking here at Citrus Security Shredding.

If you would like us to help you dispose of any old sensitive paperwork or anything with personal information on, please get in touch.

New household security service launched

Suffolk isn’t normally known for its mountains – but we believe that increasing numbers of our homes are full of them – piles of confidential items that people don’t know what to do with.

Our managing director, Jules Shorrocks says: “Our research suggests that there are likely to be thousands of households in Suffolk, including a growing number of businesses being run from home, with mountains and mountains of confidential paperwork and other items, some that have been steadily growing for years.”

People frequently store such sensitive documents, including legal and financial ones, and appliances such as passports and bank cards in boxes in lofts, conservatories and on sideboards. As well as being a waste of valuable space, such storage comes with a number of security risks, including identity theft.

Although we have been collecting from domestic properties for a few years, this growing problem has prompted us to launch a completely new service, tailor-made to the requirements and budgets of homeowners.

The new service, called Mountains into Molehills – Household Confidential, offers a secure, attractively designed panier (340mm x 400mm x 235mm) that comes in three colours (blue, green and yellow) and can be discreetly stored out of sight.

We will make a collection of the panier once every four months and will securely dispose of the content each and every time.

Citrus Security Shredding was founded in 2016 and is a Licensed Waste Carrier, fully accredited to ISO 27001 Security Techniques & Information Security Management and is regularly audited by ISO assessors.

In addition to this, all our staff have current CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) security checks and carry ID. Vehicles are locked at all times and collections are monitored.

“We’ve built up a really strong reputation among our commercial customers across Suffolk. I hope that this new household security service Mountains into Molehills – Household Confidential, helps give residents peace of mind – as well as getting rid of those domestic mountains!” added Jules.

The cost of the new household security service is £95 per year. For further information, contact Jules on 07769 698833

Photo credit: Ferini Media